Pay Per Click Advertising Print

Pay per click advertising (or, cost per click advertising), like search engine optimization, is a type of search engine marketing that gets your website in a highly desirable place on the search engines when someone is searching for what you have to offer.  The beauty is that you pay only  when someone clicks on your link.

Pay per click advertising does not focus on your website’s natural performance (on the left side of the search engine results pages) but instead places your business on the right as a sponsored link.

I know what you’re thinking about pay per click advertising, “Wait a minute, but nobody clicks on those links on the right!”. Don’t worry, it’s a common saying.

While it is true that the majority of search engine users focus more on the left, it is not true that the sponsored links go unseen, let alone ‘un-clicked’. If this were so, Google, and most other search engines would be broke as this is what generates over 90% of their revenue! And, the last time I checked, Google’s price per share of stock was well over $400.

Pay per click advertising does not alter the content of your website in any way. Instead it focuses on generating highly relevant traffic to your web site through the use of keywords. You are really only paying for clicks to your web site for search phrases that are important to your business, in the geographic areas you do business in.
Direct Response Marketing

Pay per click advertising is a form of direct response marketing in that it captures consumers while they are in search mode and encourages them to take a direct action such as:

  • Make a phone call for more information about your business
  • Fill out a form on your website to request contact from your business for literature, an appointment, a quote on  your services, etc.
  • Make a purchase from your e-commerce website

Direct response marketing differs from most other types of advertising in that instead of you seeking out potential clients; your potential clients come looking for you! To sum it up, you are only paying to talk to people when they are highly interested in what you have to offer. If you’ve never experienced the power and effectiveness direct response marketing, it is highly encouraged that you do so, without delay!

Pay Per Click Advertising Cost

Pay per click advertising cost is mainly related to two main factors:

  1. Cost of the keywords that pertain to your business
  2. How broad of a geographic area you wish to target

The cost of the keywords is directly affected by the amount of competition. If a lot of advertisers are seeking to be found for the same keywords and are marketing the same area(s), the pay per click advertising cost will be higher as the keywords will cost more. The demand basically drives the cost for keywords.

If you know you need immediate, targeted traffic to your website, then pay per click advertising is something you should highly consider today. Contact us today by phone at 310.430.1820, email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or quick contact form. We’d love to meet with you to discuss a program suited directly to your needs.