SEO vs PPC: What Do Search Engine Marketers Recommend?

When it comes to advertising online, there are a wealth of options. It can be easy for a business owner to get overwhelmed. And fast too. The good thing is that there are search engine marketers who thoroughly understand what's available and can explain the differences to you.

When specifically speaking about search engine marketing on Google, the two main marketing strategies are either pay per click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO). Chances are, you have heard these phrases mentioned. You might even be doing some research to see what the best route for you to go is.

If that's you, you might be wondering what search engine marketers recommend the most: PPC or SEO. Let's take a brief look at the two to shed some light!

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

This type of search engine marketing is performance based type of advertising. Hence the name, pay per click! You might have also heard this called cost per click, or CPC. Either way, you are only paying for the desired action: a click to your website.

Some search engine marketers might explain it this way (at least I do):

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Imagine you are a painting contractor who just launched a website. Your goal is to get people to your website, help them learn about your business, and 'encourage' them to give you a call for an estimate for painting. You with me?

The big thing here is that you don't just want anyone showing up on your website, but you want highly qualified visitors. What's this mean? It would benefit you to get someone who is actively looking for a painter within your service area to visit your website. Right? What good is it if someone types in 'pizza parlors, los angeles' into the search bar and they see a painting contractor's website?

In simple terms, pay per click advertising puts your business in front of people who need your services and you pay only for the ones who actually click on your ad!


Q: How much does does pay per click cost?

A: Pay per click advertising costs depend upon the amount of competition in your area. If there are a lot of other painting contractors who want to advertise in your area, this would affect the price of clicks. The good thing is that any size business can participate!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This type of search engine marketing is primarily based upon the strength of your website, along with some other critical factors. When you hire an SEO company, one of their main tasks is to improve the relevancy of your website to your search engines so you can move you way up in the rankings.

Search engines strive to provide highly relevant search results to what the user has entered in the search bar. The closer the match, the better. Though there are many ways to help the search engines understand the nature of your site (down to each page), some of the main include:

  • Well written, fresh and unique search engine optimized content
  • Proper page labeling and descriptions
  • Sitemaps
  • Proper internal structure

Other factors that search marketers will pay attention to are the number of inbound links pointing to your site, the quality of those links, how flash is used on your site (if at all: more on that later!).


Q: How much does does search engine optimization cost?

A: SEO costs also depend upon the amount of competition that exists in your local market. Some industries have become highly saturated, especially in major cities, that it take more effort and time to move up in the rankings. Each situation is highly different and must be analyzed to determine an appropriate strategy.

SEO or PPC: Which Do I Choose?

This question can definitely be answered with the help of a qualified consultant. Search engine marketers can help you survey the current strength of your website, assess your online visibility and local competition, and put together a strategy to help you succeed on the search engines. It's not uncommon to have a recommendation contain both SEO and PPC! When it comes down to it, your goals should be the starting point of any conversation with a SEO company.

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